Nervous about booking a boudoir session or nervous in prep for one?!

We totally get it and we're here to ease your nerves! I'm ready to be your personal hype woman, with a speaker ready to blast your favorite tunes and get you feeling your absolute best. Like most of us, you've probably been contemplating doing a boudoir session for what feels like FOREVER. You've probably come across millions of photos online from other sessions people have done and you just feel that urge to do one yourself. The vulnerability that comes along with boudoir sessions is overwhelming in itself because it really takes getting out of your comfort zone to just do it.

There comes a point where you just toss those doubts and worries out the window and say let's freaking do it. It is SO natural to feel nervous about booking your first boudoir session – especially if it's also your first time in front of the camera, in front of a complete stranger! Pretty much everyone feels those same nerves. After all, it's not every day you do something like this...

It's easy to get lost in the misconceptions of boudoir photography, which I'll leave to a whole other blog post. But at the end of the day, boudoir sessions are meant to be empowering, confidence-boosting and a gift to yourself. You don't need a special occasion to book a boudoir session. Everyday is the perfect day to celebrate yourself, the progress you've made and the person you've become. It's all just a bonus when you decide to use the images to gift to someone else, too!

Boudoir sessions are a chance to embrace the things that make you, you. Choose clothes or lingerie for your session that make you feel sexy and most importantly, comfortable (as comfy lingerie can get). Get your hair or makeup done before your session or even treat yourself to a spa day to get yourself feeling good. Beforehand you can practice poses in the mirror if that helps you. But, don't worry about all that because I'll guide you the whole way! Eat a good meal before your session and drink lots of water.

I cannot wait to be your cheerleader through the whole dang thing. We are going to create so much magic together in our session and celebration of you!

Who's ready to take the leap and book a boudoir session?!