moments to look back on.

Life as we know it will soon become history, who would've expected that? We are living through an experience that our kids might read about in their history books. The world was filled with panic just a few weeks ago. It was filled with panic that would last months. But, many have calmed down since we have learned to adjust to our new "normal." Distancing ourselves six feet from our family and friends, wearing a mask everywhere we go... No one could have pictured this being our "normal" a year ago.

A year ago we were all planning the perfect spring break. Many of us were planning to attend graduations, whether that be high school or college. So many of you guys were getting excited to get married in just a year. There was so much for us all to look forward to. But now, these things are all canceled. And for the lucky few, they have been adjusted to work with the new social distancing guidelines. That's if you really consider making some of the biggest moments of your life virtual "lucky." Those who were planning to get married were faced with the tough decision of either cutting people from their guest list or just postponing their wedding as a whole. We never would have expected this and that's why we were forced to make the most of it.

For us photographers, this could have been super detrimental to us our and our businesses. But it was incredible to see us creatives pushing through the months of uncertainty. Photoshoots over FaceTime were certainly one to remember and they are going to be the most special moments to look back on years from now. We'll look back at the photos and say, "remember that?" We'll show our kids those moments and share with them the love that grew from this pandemic.

It was so special to work with couples and individuals during the stay-at-home order. They were all amazing in trusting me with my vision to create these memories and moments to look back on. So, here's to them!

Til' next time,

Bri ♡