Getting in front of a camera is nerve-wracking. You're in front of a stranger, a camera and you're doing the whole PDA thing. It's scary and I absolutely get it. That's why I've put together four of my favorite tips for you guys to help prepare you better for your upcoming engagement session.

TIP #1: Treat your session like a date night!

Plan a whole date around your session. Go on a little ice cream date first and enjoy your time together before you head off to take photos. Connecting and spending time together before your session will have you in the right mood to get the most authentic photos! Giving yourselves that extra time to just be together before you are thrown in front of a camera will help you two to feel connected and to ease some of that pre-session stress! Even just taking a walk together instead of scrambling and rushing to get ready will make such a huge difference in the way you feel during your session!

TIP #2: Prepare ahead of time.

Give yourself as much time as you need to get your outfits together and to make sure all of the other little details are squared away. Whether that's jewelry or your hair and makeup! Being prepared and testing out all the outfit options or how you want to do your hair will truly set the mood for your session. If you take the time to make sure you love your outfit and look for your session, you are going to feel so much more comfortable when you start taking photos! That leads us to my next tip :)

TIP #3: Only wear clothes you are comfortable in. Be authentic to you.

From clothing style to the print or color, make sure you are comfortable in it. Don't wear anything you know you will be uncomfortable in. If you think you will spend too much time fighting to keep your outfit from showing a little too much, don't wear it! Wear something you know you can comfortably move around in. Your photos will reflect that comfort, and you will be so much happier knowing you were comfortable and happy with what you wore to your photos.

TIP #4: Trust your photographer!

Trusting your photographer to do their job is everything. Trust them with the silly prompts they give you. Trust them when they tell you to hold hands and run back and forth three times. You will do all the things you never thought you'd do in front of a camera. Photos can be FUN. They do not have to be something you dread. Your photographer works really hard to come up with fun prompts to get the best photos out of your session!

And that's just four of my favorite tips for killing it at your engagement session. They're the most important ones in my opinion since they yield the best photo results. The takeaway of this blog post should be COMFORT, TRUST and FUN. Now go get your photos done and have the best time!!

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