Have nerves about booking your boudoir session? Here's a few common feelers that we can debunk for you!

We totally understand how terrifying this form of art can be. And it's so unique from person to person, too.

Myth #1: Boudoir Photography Is Only for Special Occasions

This is one of my favorite misconceptions about boudoir sessions. While it's a good excuse for a gift, it's not the only reason you can do a session! Boudoir sessions can be done for any reason and no reason at all. Not just for a wedding gift, anniversary or Valentines day.

Another misconception is that boudoir sessions are exclusively reserved for special occasions like weddings or anniversaries. While these milestones often inspire boudoir sessions, they are by no means the only reason to embrace this form of photography. Boudoir can be a gift to yourself, a celebration of personal growth, or a way to mark any significant moment in life. It is a versatile and empowering form of self-expression that not many get to experience!

Myth 2: Boudoir Photography is Only for Woman with a Specific Body Type

Boudoir is about embracing and celebrating individuality. Societal standards seem to get in the way of the things that we want to do. The goal is to showcase confidence and beauty in all it's forms. While we most often see and think of women when it comes to boudoir, men are just as welcomed in the scene. Everyone deserves to feel celebrated.

Instead... Boudoir IS a confidence-boosting experience:

Boudoir sessions are meant to be transformative and inspiring. They are meant to transform "flaws" and our insecurities and turn them into the beauty and uniqueness that we possess as humans! As photographers, we want to highlight what makes you, you. We want to turn your session into a positive experience and give you the opportunity and the freedom to truly let your confidence shine through.

Our goal is to offer a safe space for everyone to express their personalities and celebrate their accomplishments. Or to provide you guys with these images as little reminders of your whole journey to where you are now. You'll receive a stunning gallery to remind you of your strength, all the growth and the progress you've made.

Treat yourself to a day of self love the next time you find yourself contemplating a boudoir session. Embrace the vulnerability and your beauty. You deserve it.