The top three words I hear within minutes of getting to our photoshoot is, "We're not photogenic." It's never true. Although I do totally get it. Getting in front of a camera is scary. It's intimidating. It's the last thing you want to be doing. I totally get that you're nervous and that you can never know what to expect. A million things are running through your head beforehand. What do I wear? How am I going to pose? How is this even going to work? Where do you even take engagement photos?

This post is simply to put your mind at ease. It's that quick run through you need to ease that stress you've had ever since the thought of engagement photos even crossed your mind.

Preparing and booking your session

My biggest piece of advice? Be yourselves. Don't try to dress as anyone else or be anyone else for your engagement photos. Simply be you, and I'll do the rest. To help even a little bit more, I have an outfit guide I created that is seriously a lifesaver when it comes to outfits. Cause we all tend to blank on fashion when it comes to dressing for important things... right (maybe that's just me)?

The absolute last thing you need to worry about is posing. I got you. The WHOLE way. I don't ever expect you to model your way through this thing. You two are going to be running, frollicking and being your cutie selves the whole time to super fun (probably very corny) prompts.

As for location, I got you too. If you are stressing about a location, I'm prepared with plenty of suggestions! All I ask for is an area you'd like to stay in and I'll send you off with tons to choose from. I know all the best spots :) Another option can be to think of somewhere that's special or close to you both. Maybe it's a place you guys hike to a lot, or somewhere you spend a lot of time at. Or maybe it's the place where you got engaged! There's so many options to choose from!

Day of the session

I highly recommend getting ready for your session like you're going on a date. And then at your session, pretend like it is a date! I'm just a third wheel, with a camera. Your session can be stress-free and you really don't need to put the most effort to bring out the best results. Wear something that you would normally wear and are comfortable in, because your photos will reflect the way you are feeling.

Your session will be FUN. It's a date, with a camera (which you can pretend isn't even there)! It's a fun excuse to go on a date amidst busy work days and it's an awesome way to celebrate being freakin' engaged! Leave all the worrying and extra work to me. All you gotta do is have fun and enjoy being a fiancé, I got the rest. xx

That's literally it. Engagement photos don't need to be stressful or scary. I totally understand why they seem to be, but remember they can be FUN.

Ready to book a super fun date with me as your third wheel? Let's do it!!