Whether you're preparing for a regular couples session or your engagement session, it seems so scary. Getting into a camera for (maybe) your first time... heck yeah, that's scary! That's why I got you! Below are my five biggest tips for preparing for your session so you can feel that much more relaxed ♡

TIP #1: Be you.

Definitely don't try to be anyone but yourselves. Your photos will reflect whatever you put into them. So if you are feeling uncomfortable because of your outfit that is totally not you, then your photos will absolutely reflect that.

TIP #2: Get your outfits ready (days) beforehand!

Scrambling on the day of to find the "perfect" outfit is definitely not the best option. If you give yourself a little extra time to gather your outfits and make sure you love them, you will feel SO much more relieved on the day of.

TIP #3: Go on a date before your session (if time allows for it).

Here's your excuse to go out on that date that you keep talking about. This gives you time to not feel rushed going into the shoot. You guys can get extra connected on the day of and head into the shoot like it's just part of your date night! Cause I mean, after all... the photoshoot is just a date anyway!

TIP #4: Stop stressing about what poses you are going to do!!!

I GOT YOU. The whole way! I'll be guiding you the whole time with super fun prompts and things to do together. Dad jokes might be involved but hey, at least you don't need to memorize a million poses you saw on Pinterest :)

TIP #5: Relax. Focus on each other. Have fun!

I know. Let's face it. Most of you probably haven't been in front of a camera since your senior photos (mine were definitely cringey). Or even if you have, you most likely are still nervous to get back in front of the camera. All you gotta do is show up and pretend like you're just going on another date. Yeah there might be a camera involved, but it's sorta good to pretend like I'm not even there. You don't even need to look at the camera and that's the best part. There's no pressure there to know where to look. You simply just need to look at each other which is a super good way to get you feeling comfortable. Focusing on each other is a great way to remind each other that you got this and you can relax!

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